Work as a dentist in the Netherlands with DPA

Many young dentists looking for dentist jobs explore the possibility to work in the Netherlands. Whether they’re looking for better professional opportunities or simply want to immerse themselves in a different culture, they’re constantly broadening their horizons.

While over the past years the European Union has already introduced measures to promote labour mobility within Europe, there are still hurdles that dentists need to overcome before they can start working in the Netherlands. Contract negotiations, paperwork and of course the different language will all have to be taken into account before a foreign job opportunity can be considered.

Our service – an easy transition

At DPA, we believe that working in a different country should become as normal as taking a dentist job in a nearby clinic. This is why we help dentists such as yourself by providing an all-encompassing service.

Our service consists of:

  • an intensive language course (4 months);
  • additional dentist training;
  • guaranteed job (3,5 years);
  • help with applying for the 30% ruling;
  • help with all other paperwork;
  • help with finding a house;
  • guidance during the entire process.

So, if you are enthusiastic about working in the Netherlands as a dentist, by all means, fill in the contact form and we can discuss the possibilities. So far, DPA has helped over 80 dentists from all over Europe find jobs in the Netherlands.

With our service, your transition from your own country to the Netherlands will be considerably more comfortable. Before you start working in the Netherlands, we help you master the Dutch language. After that, we guide you through the bureaucratic maze and find you a suitable employer in the Netherlands.


Before you apply, make sure your profile corresponds with the following criteria:

  • European dentist degree
  • Good command of English
  • Long-term commitment (3 years)
  • Adventurous and enthusiastic personality

If you have what it takes and you would like to apply/know more, fill in the contact form and we’ll get in touch with you in a few days.
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