Ethics & compliance data and monitoring specialist

Our client is a global leader in animal nutrition and fish feed and they are looking for an Ethics & Compliance Data and monitoring specialist.

Ethics & compliance data and monitoring specialist

Wat je gaat doen

The E&C data & monitoring specialist’ key task is to support the E&C function with the system, monitoring and reporting aspects of the E&C program, allowing the E&C functionaries to focus on training and awareness, risk identification and management, business support and issue handling.

Key areas of responsibility

E&C e-learnings

  • target group management
  • completion tracking
  • reminder sending

Third Party Due Diligence/Trade Sanctions:

  • supporting OpCo’s in working with the custom built Workflow Tool
  • screening of new in scope parties using the designated screening tool 
  • assisting OpCo’s in handling backlog of existing in scope third parties
  • coordinating creation and uploading of relevant batch files for regular screening in the designated screening tool.
  • follow up of hits generated (red flag handling)
  • point of contact for Global Master Data Management
  • keep overview of sanctioned countries updated
  • monthly review of transactions with sanctioned countries and flag exceptions

Compliance risk management

  • Assist with generation and completion of implementation plans and reporting framework
  • generating data for 3 / 6 monthly reporting
  • coordinating data supply by OpCo’s
  • support in preparation and follow up for risk assessments

Code of Conduct

  • Logging of advices provided to next level management in register


  • coordinating annual updates of records of processing activities
  • managing Privacy Management Tool ‘OneTrust’

Speak Up

Co-ordinating the periodic changing of the posters in the display boards throughout the company


  • keeping the E&C pages updated
  • keeping the E&C part of the Company's Policy House up to date

Wat we vragen

Within E&C we operate various specialist systems: Speak Up (whistleblower line), Compliance Link / Accuity (third party screening), One Trust (Privacy) and a custom built workflow tool for Third Party Due Diligence.

The candidate doesn’t need to have practical experience with these systems. However, he or she must be system savvy, i.e. able to gain the required experience “on the job”. Proficiency with the usual IT applications (Outlook, Excel etc) is required.

The role requires an international outlook as our client is active in over 40 countries and E&C data comes from all over the world.

While the present E&C team will give the candidate a thorough introduction in the E&C program, the policies and procedures and the tooling used, the role is new and a healthy level of independency and own initiative to see where value can be added is appreciated.

The candidate should:

  • be system savvy
  • be capable to process and compare data derived from various sources to generate valuable insight in trends and developments
  • be able to see the link between compliance risks, policy rules, processes, tooling and data obtained
  • be capable to communicate with 1rst line (business stakeholders) and 2nd line (e.g. HRLearning)
  • have at least affinity with ethics and compliance
  • Fluency in English is required.
  • A part time assignment (80%) is possible.

Wat we bieden

It is a permanent position.

If you are interesed we would like to hear from you! Please send us your resume and a motivational letter.

Je werkomgeving

The Ethics & Compliance function drives a program of policies, procedures, tooling and education on selected E&C related topics to ensure that the company operates with integrity and in compliance with external laws and regulations and internal policies and procedures.

The E&C topics in scope are:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Third Party Due Diligence
  • Trade Sanctions & Export Controls
  • Anti Bribery and Corruption
  • Fair Competition
  • Privacy
  • Fraud
  • Whistleblower line

E&C risks are managed applying the three lines of defense model:

The first line consists of line management who is the owner of E&C risk and is ultimately responsible for any business activities and decisions that entail such risk.

The second line consists of, inter alia, the E&C function, next to other relevant functions like Legal, HR, and Risk & Control. Its main task is to support and monitor the first line in meeting its E&C responsibilities.

The third line consists of the Internal Audit function, who audits and evaluates the organization's E&C control environment as to its adequacy, efficiency and effectiveness.

The E&C function consists of a global director reporting to the company's CEO and three divisional directors reporting to the global director. In various parts of the organization E&C officers are active, in a combined role with usually Legal.

There is a significant level of co-operation with the parent company and sister companies.

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