Investor relations

DGNV promotes transparency and accessibility for shareholders, institutional and private investors, and other stakeholders. Our open information policy is designed to provide our stakeholders with relevant financial and other information as quickly and comprehensively as possible. You will find copies of our annual reports, interim reports, trading updates, press releases and shareholder presentations here – along with publication dates; and invitations to and minutes of our shareholder meetings.

Information Provision

Analysts, investors and potential investors can find information about DGNV through the following channels:

Bilateral Communications

Our CFO is responsible for Investor Relations; she designs the Company’s IR policy and its implementation in conjunction with the Company Secretary. You can download a copy of our Bilateral Communications Policy (for communications with shareholders and potential shareholders) here (Dutch only). This policy is subject to a set of clear guidelines. Closed periods of two months apply prior to our disclosure of the annual financial results (and the publication of the Annual Report) and three weeks prior to the publication of the interim financial statements and the trading updates for the first and third quarters.

Contact Us

Our contact for shareholders, potential shareholders and analysts is Sharon Hulkenberg, the Company Secretary. You can reach her by completing the contact form below or calling her on +31 6 5141 1647.