About DPA

DPA is the leading specialist in temporary staffing solutions in the Netherlands. These services are the perfect solution for any organization looking for professionals with specialized knowledge and skills at short notice. The contractors we work with use this experience to help fast-track their careers and development and to grow in their respective fields.

At DPA, we supply only the very best professionals, both to resolve complex issues and complete temporary assignments. We have segmented our services into 13 areas of expertise. Fast and secure: we select from among our own pool of more than 1,100 DPA professionals and our network of independent specialists, and then assign these professionals to take on challenging projects with high-profile clients. Since we ensure that our highly qualified professionals develop their knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis, our clients value us as a proactive knowledge partner that always provides them with the specialist expertise they need with effective solutions to future challenges.

DPA’s Point Of View: The culture that connects us


Engaged and honest, we put our employees’ development and growth first, being genuinely interested in what drives them and in their background and personal goals. We invest in building strong relationships with our clients, and part of our role as a knowledge partner is to proactively share ideas and expertise. We keep creating new opportunities by bringing people and organizations together.


DPA employs professionals with ambition and drive who are given the opportunity to discover their talents and take on assignments that stimulate and inspire them. They are given the freedom they need – along with responsibility – to keep developing and growing. Having a natural business mindset, we regularly spot and take on challenges, including social initiatives that allow us to make a difference in the world around us. Together. You can rely on us.

Professional and competent

We are experts in specific areas of knowledge, with our own communities serving as platforms for sharing knowledge and meeting industry peers. We understand how the market is evolving and like to share these insights with our clients. Backed by our team of professionals, we are working today on developing the knowledge and skills that will be relevant and necessary in the future.

DPA in 1 minute

DPA is a progressive company with a focus on the future. We understand how the job market is evolving when it comes to our specializations and like to share these insights with our clients. Backed by our team of professionals, we are working today on developing the knowledge and skills that will be required in the future. We always combine our growth objectives with a focus on people and the environment, which we also translate into an effective CSR policy.


Growing in your field

DPA Professionals serves a variety of professional fields. We are always looking for specialist professionals in these fields. Discover what we can do for you within your field. (Links are in Dutch only)

DPA's History

Establishment of DPA Audit Detachment
Listing on Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange
Merger with Nederlandse Interim Groep
New format for international recruitment. Benkis integrated into DPA. NYSE Best Performer Award.
Acquisition of Cauberg-Huygen Raadgevende ingenieurs B.V. Launch of DPA Risk & DPA IT Security.
1,000th employee joins the company. DPA merges with Fagro. Launch of DPA Academy.
SOZA XPERT joins the DPA family, enhancing our social services. ConQuaestor Interim Professionals integrated into DPA.
Launch of Digital Marketing Professionals. Establishment of DPA PeopleGroup Inkoopprofessionals (Procurement Professionals). Launch of DPA Tax, DPA Woningcorporaties (Housing Corporations) and DPA Privacy. Launch of DPA Greenhouse innovation centre.
Your Professionals integrated into DPA. Launch of P.A. Jones, DPA Legal Public, DPA Logistics and DPA Intelligent & Robotic Process Automation.
Désirée Theyse appointed CFO of DPA.
Arnold van Mameren appointed DPA's CEO.
DPA acquired by Gilde.

The following companies are subsidiaries of the DPA Group:

Logo Conquaestor over DPA


ConQuaestor is a temporary staffing service and consultancy firm specializing in Finance & Control. Placing interim finance professionals with leading companies, they support clients through temporary staffing services, knowledge-sharing, consultancy services and recruitment & selection, based on their promise of, and commitment to, improving your performance.

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Logo Fagro over DPA


A specialist in interim finance & control, they are known for their promise of, and commitment to, improving your performance. This promise serves as the point of departure for the services they provide to their clients and for the development of professionals.

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DPA investee companies

Based on our commitment to adding value beyond our own and our clients’ organizations, we invest in companies with innovative business models, providing financial and operational support to high-potential start-ups and scale-ups. Our common goal is to get the wheels of innovation turning quickly and efficiently and translating this into relevant products and services.

Logo Claimingo over YOBZ


YOBZ optimizes and implements recruitment strategies in conjunction with its clients and team of professionals. Rather than spreading themselves thin, they focus fully on recruitment and results – game changer with a strong can-do attitude.

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Logo Claimingo over DPA


If your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked, you can submit a claim to Claimingo with no hassle and avoid complex lawsuits and risks – and receive the compensation you deserve.

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